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Refund Instruction

2020-09-03 00:54:29 Author: SHOP++

I. Refund method

1. Page application: You can apply for a return in "My Order-Application for Return and Exchange", and the mall will return it in the original payment method.

2. Contact customer service: If the refund fails due to abnormal conditions, please contact customer service to assist you in handling the refund.

II. Refund instructions

1. Pre-deposit refund: We will refund your payment directly to your account balance so that you can use it again next time you shop.

2. Bank card refund: We will refund your payment to the bank card account you used for payment. Cash on delivery requires you to provide an accurate bank card.

3. Account information [including the name of the cardholder, bank card number, and name of the bank that opened the account (refunds below 50,000 yuan must be accurate to the branch)] so that we can send you money as soon as possible.