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Payment Collect Upon Delivery

2020-09-03 00:54:14 Author: SHOP++

This mall has opened a cash delivery service in most cities across the country.

You can choose to pay for goods in cash, POS machine credit card, or check:

1. POS machine swiping: Currently, only bank cards with the UnionPay logo are supported. Credit card POS machine swiping bonus points are subject to each bank. Please call the issuing bank for specific information;

2. If you fill in the POS machine to swipe your card in the order when you place the order, you can also change to cash when paying;

3. Check payment: You need to fill in the content of the check completely and the payment is required before delivery. Currently, only customers in Beijing and Shanghai can use this service. Check payment is not supported in other areas for the time being;

4. This mall can support cash, POS machine swiping, and cheque payment during express delivery (only in Beijing and Shanghai);